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Tampa Torah Academy
Core Values


Educational Excellence

Private religious schools have a demonstrated record for the highest levels of student achievement. TTA will implement challenging and well-rounded age-appropriate curriculum  based on current best practices . Children will develop proficiency in content and basic skills with an emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, and independent research in diverse bodies of Judaic and General studies. TTA curriculum will be aligned with and meet or exceed the State of Florida standards.


Torah &

The Torah is the most powerful and transformative guidebook in history, forming the core for Jewish identity and survival. The Mitzvos breathe meaning and a sense of fulfillment into Jewish life. TTA students are empowered to learn and utilize the Torah and its Mitzvos as a guide for their life’s mission.


Middos Tovos (Character Development)

Character development is an integral part of yeshiva education. At TTA we will set our students on a lifelong process of belief in one’s self caring, kindness and sensitivity. Chessed (kindness), Emes (truth), and Ahavas Yisroel (love of every Jew) are a few of the middos (character traits) that are woven into all subject matters.



We focus on the whole child, including self mastery and emotional wellbeing. We believe in inspiring children’s innate quest for knowledge, growth, and self-fulfillment. Fertile minds allow children to develop and grow. We just plant the seeds.


Love of

A strong commitment to Israel translates into identification with the global Jewish community. Students will learn the ancient and modern history of Israel and form a loving bond with the land and its people. Knowledge of the land, government, and international law will keep students informed so they can clearly defend Israel in a world that is increasingly hostile and Anti-semitic.


A Safe Classroom Environment

A warm, friendly, and safe classroom and school community is our first priority enabling  children to thrive intellectually and socially/emotionally. TTA has assumed a zero-tolerance stance against all forms of bullying, including, but not limited to: verbal, physical, and emotional abuse.


Sense of Community

We seek to develop a strong sense of community by building close partnerships among students and parents in pursuit of children’s physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual well-being. TTA will engage students in building connections with community religious and social organizations.

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