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Tampa Torah Academy
Judaic Studies


Reading & Davening

The Judaic Studies program begins with learning to read Hebrew and knowledge of basic Jewish minhagim (customs and traditions) at age-appropriate levels. Each grade will advance in their reading proficiency through class instruction and daily davening (prayer) in school.


Halacha & Minhagim
(Laws & Customs)

Students will follow a curriculum in which they will learn the laws of daily living, proper speech, Sabbath & Holidays, honoring parents, and interpersonal relationships.


and Navi
(Bible & Prophets)

The program focuses on the textual study of Chumash (Bible) through understanding and analyzing the narrative while developing independent reading and translating skills. Students will go on to learn the lessons of the Prophets through selected commentaries.


Mishna & Gemarah

Study of Torah sh’bal peh (Oral Torah) will commence in mid-elementary school with the study of Mishna and Gemarah. Students will learn a broad range of concepts, terminology, and basic facts that are essential for a knowledgeable Jew while developing basic Talmudic skills. Students will derive Jewish laws and lessons from the Gemarah.


Israel & Hebrew Language

Students will learn the history, culture, and geography of modern and ancient Israel while learning basic modern Hebrew language skills.



A pivotal part of our mission is that our students are community minded who engage in acts of chesed (kindness) and tzedakah (charity). These are core values of the Jewish people. We will thus have school projects and activities for tzedakah and chesed as well as joining in community endeavors.

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